Master of Science in Drones

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Master of Science in Drones


Have you always held a fascination in flying robots and wish you could control them? How cool would it be to have a job that lets you control the latest high-tech machines in awesome missions and locales?


The people who work in this field can be classified as the pilots of the new era, because the future is heading towards unmanned aircraft, or commonly called drones.

A Degree in Drones

A college major is now available for those who wish to pursue the study of unmanned aircraft. The degree is called Master of Science in Drones, and it is fast becoming a booming course given our insatiable fascination with advanced technology and machines.

Universities all over the world offer this degree in either a conventional classroom style or you can participate in virtual sessions and earn the degree online. The world is just realizing the huge potential of drones and their versatile application, and industries are waiting for the new wave of drone controllers in increasing demand.

Taking this degree would ensure that you will learn about development, management and application of unmanned systems. Issues related to the study of drones include system designs, training, regulation, ethics and policies, machine and human interaction.

Some degree specializations that are offered are the study of space systems, aerospace/aviation management and research, safety/emergency response courses, drone operation and human factors.

What is UAV, and How Is It Different from UAS?

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and that is the formal name of the drone. The International Organization of Civil Aviation also dubbed these machines RPA, or remotely piloted aircraft. Basically, it is an aircraft that functions without a human aboard it.

In military applications, it was effectively used to fly over combat staging areas and fighting zones to drop either ammunition or other important supplies to friendly troops. It can drop its ordnance of bombs with pinpoint accuracy using GPS or an advanced radar system. It can also be used to spy and do reconnaissance without the risk of losing a human life. As much as drones sound like they were made for military purposes, the potential of what it can do extends to those beyond combat.

Drones can be controlled by either radio link, or they can be pre-programmed before lift-off and follow a set of commands before going back. They are also usually made of lightweight frames and carry control systems, payloads, an advanced propulsion system and secure data links. The pilots, if any are needed, are securely on the ground in Ground Control Stations, giving commands.

UAS stands for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and this goes beyond just the drone. It is, in whole, the system that controls the drone and its many applications.

Simply put, it is what controls the unmanned aircraft in any given operation to get a sense of where it is, where they should go, what they should do and to follow the pre-programmed tasks before going to the origin point. UAS can be compared to the widely known term Artificial Intelligence, but it is exclusive for the drones in the air.

How about the Drones for the Public?

Believe it or not, drones can be purchased by consumers for leisure, fun and entertainment purposes. Quadrocopters, or quadcopters in common terms, are some of the most popular ones because they are easy to handle, can fly long distances and are capable of doing many things. It is a small to medium-sized helicopter that is powered by four rotors.

They are under the rotorcraft classification and very different from the usual fixed-wing airplanes. They fly through a lift set by the rotors and take off vertically. Like your favorite RC cars and boats, these machines are also remotely controlled vehicles that make it so much fun.

Quadrocopters are widely used as model aircraft projects for the budding enthusiasts of amateur aircraft. Like UAVs, they can be fitted according to preference and used in a wide number of applications. Search and rescue operations can be handled by these machines with little to no risk in endangering human lives.

It can be fitted with a GoPro camera to create stunning pictures and videos that were only possible before with helicopters and equipment used for making movies. A good-sized quadrocopter can even be used to deliver small or light packages in great distances by use of built-in cameras and sensors.